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Abstract of Hugh Dale WILSON, 2010

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: H00040002
Abstract Hugh Dale WILSON. Interviewer: Lee Wadds 04 July 2010. Abstracter: Jean HawkesTRACK 1 (shown as Track 10)00:00 Interviewer identification.02:01 HUGH DALE WILSON born February 1945.03:23 CANTERBURY family. Father born in QUEENSTOWN of Scottish parents. His mother (nana) to NEW ZEALAND aged about 16 to join other family members. Lived for about 91 years. Father Presbyterian Minister. Studied and married in ENGLAND. Mother Scottish Presbyterian...
Dates: 2010

Abstract of Frank Ivan BICKLEY, 2011

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: H00230002
Abstract Frank BickleyInterviewer: Janice TempletonAbstracter: Jean HawkesTrack 100.00 Interviewer identification.00.52 Frank's Family Tree compiled by one of grandchildren for Golden Wedding on August 9th 2002 – used as reference.01.03 Frank Ivan Bickley. Father from England. Mother from WAIMATUKU (pronounced as Waimatook), originally from SCOTLAND Father named ALFRED WILLIAM BICKLEY. Went to school at RIVERTON, had farm at...
Dates: 2011

Abstract of Clare SQUIRES , 2010, 2019

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: H00790002
Abstract CLARE SQUIRES Interviewer: Lee WaddsAbstracter: Jean Hawkes FIRST INTERVIEW MARCH 6TH 2010DISC 1TRACK 100:38 Interviewer identification.01:53 CLARE TORRANCE SQUIRES born January 1928.03:22 Parents – Mother MAY HUIA TORRANCE born in BLUFF. Father a CAMERON [Jack Laurens] born in INVERCARGILL of Scottish descent. His parents FRENCH HUGUENOTS,...
Dates: 2010, 2019

Notes, 2010

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: H00790003
Notes Notes provided by interviewee that amend some of the historical information stated in the interview
Dates: 2010

Abstract of Vincent Paul BOOTH , 2010

 Item — Box: 3
Identifier: H00010002
Abstract Vincent Paul BOOTH. Interviewer: Jenny Campbell 28 January 2009. Abstractor: Jean Hawkes00:00 Interview identification00.36 VINCENT PAUL BOOTH born in September 1926 at NIGHTCAPS MATERNITY HOME. Seven siblings also born in NIGHTCAPS. Only member of family still in the area. Three sisters eldest in family, moved away for work and married away from NIGHTCAPS. Vincent youngest child.02.45 Parents – JOHN BOOTH and ANN SMITH both of NIGHCAPS. Records in Family...
Dates: 2010