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Abstract of William COLHOUN (Bill) , 2010

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H0010002
Abstract Interviewer: Janice TempletonAbstracter: Jean HawkesTRACK 1 00:00 Interviewer identification.00:43 Bill born January 1922 in COUNTY TYRONE, NORTHERN IRELAND 01.20 Father – ADAM COLHOUN born April 1898. Farmed on URBRELEIGH [probably URBALREAGH]. Arrived DUNEDIN November 1926. Uncle in NEW ZEALAND.02:49 Mother, ISABEL SERVICE, died in IRELAND.03:27 Stayed with father's uncle at OUTRAM, OTAGO. 04:06 No recollections...
Dates: 2010

Abstract of David Morton BROWN, 2010

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H00240002
Abstract David Morton BrownInterviewer: Ailsa DawsonAbstracter : Jean HawkesTrack 100.00 Interview identification00.46 End of Track 1 Track 200.15 Start of interview. Origins of background. Elder of twins born 1920. Secondary education by Correspondence School. Family on mixed farm. Parents JAMES THOMAS BROWN and AGNES BROWN. Reference: RIVERTON, PAHIA (locally known as PAHI)02.04 Death of father...
Dates: 2010

Abstract of Norma BOYLE, 2007

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H00340002
Abstract Norma Boyle; Interviewer: Jenny Campbell; Date: 29/04/2007; Abstracter: Marianne WidmerTrack 5 00:10 Introduction00:22 Recalls ‘vividly’ being strapped first day at school. Recalls lesson from mother on WAIAU RIVER bridge. Attended TUATAPERE SCHOOL - distance.01:30 Had younger sister. Details. Recalls boys killed / injured playing in train steam – attended funeral. Reference REG HODGES; ? SPAIN (?); CLIFDEN.02:16 Big classes. Recalls visitor...
Dates: 2007

Abstract of Graeme McKenzie LEITCH, 2020

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H00070002
Overview Graeme McKenzie LeitchInterviewer: George TaylorAbstracter: Libby FramptonTrack 100:00 Interview identification – introduced Graeme LEITCH, of WYNDHAM, has been connected with MOKORETA for the past 70 years. 00:55 Father hunted POSSUMS in MOKORETA during DEPRESSION. Hunted at Doctor RODGER’S place and at WYNDHAM STATION. No charge at Dr Rodger’s, BEGG’s did (WYNDHAM STATION). Would get STAMP from the post office, 6 pence a skin to hunt...
Dates: 2020

Abstract of Gerald COGHLAN and Beverley COGHLAN, 2011

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H00710002
Abstract GERALD and BEVERLY COGHLAN Interviewer: Jenny Campbell Abstracter: Jean Hawkes TRACK 100:09 Interview identification00:10 MOSSBURN COMMUNITY CENTRE – Reasons for building explained. MOSSBURN RUGBY CLUB – Mentioned. BOWLING PAVILION – Mentioned. Trip to AUSTRALIA 1978 fund raising – Described. MIKE JOHNSON (school teacher) – Mentioned.01:33 First meeting 1978, meetings, planning, committee...
Dates: 2011

Abstract of Johanna AURIK (Hanny) , 2011

 Item — Box: 4
Identifier: H00900002
Abstract JOHANNA AURIK Interviewer: Rebecca Amundsen Abstracter: Jean Hawkes TRACK 100:00 Interview identification00:27 JOHANNA AURIK born 09 April 193100:40 Recording Agreement01:08 Named after mother – Reason for one 'given' name – Explained Brother named after father01:46 Own children upset at not being named 'properly' – Using Dutch custom02:07 Self born in...
Dates: 2011