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Contains 19 Results:

Abstract of Alan Murray WILSON (Mick), 2009

 Item — Box: 7
Identifier: H00220002
Abstract Alan Murray (Mick) Wilson Interviewer: Lloyd EslerAbstracter: Jean Hawkes00.00 Track 1 Interviewer identification00.49 Alan Murray Wilson. Born 1930 at GORE. Latter part of time lived at Grant Street, beside the Catholic Church (did not recall earlier address). House still in existence at time of interview – been away for 60 years.02.03 Mother a seamstress, father manager of J JOHNSON & SONS Engineering in GORE....
Dates: 2009

Abstract of William John WYLIE (Jack), 2007

 Item — Box: 7
Identifier: H00440002
Abstract Interview with Jack Wylie at Edendale, 1st December 200601.00 Jack describes his first day at Seaward Downs School. Remembers the fights. Describes transport to school – pony for 3 years then horse-and-cart for 10 children. Names Miss Barrow as teacher of infants– standard 2, and Mrs Lin (?spelling) teacher from standard 3-6 Jack describes playtime and football teamDAIRY FARM. Describes milking cows by hand at age 7 . Father had 45-50 Fresian cows + team of Clydesdales...
Dates: 2007

Abstract of Johnny PENISULA, 2011

 Item — Box: 7
Identifier: H00570002
Abstract Johnny PenisulaInterviewer: Rebecca AmunsdenAbstracter: Courtney Ellison TRACK 1 00:00 Interview identification and background to Johnny’s name. 02:30 Born in Malua, Samoa on 8th April 1941. Parents trained as Pastors. Father Penisula Rewala Falavalau (sp???), Mother was Natia (???). He was “half-caste”.04:00 Parents role in Church. Moved to Savai’i when Johnny was about 2 years old, grew up...
Dates: 2011

Abstract, 2012

 Item — Box: 7
Identifier: H01100002
Overview ROBERT NOEL MARSHALLInterviewer: Oweena Frew Abstracter: Jean Hawkes First Interview: 21 March 2012 DISC 1: TRACK 1 00:00 NO Interview identification or Recording Agreement acceptance00:19 ROBERT NOEL MARSHALL – Known as NOEL – born 05 June 191700:44 MOTHER – AGNES BLACKBURN FATHER – THOMAS MARSHALL from SOUTH AUSTRALIA01:05 Arrival in NEW ZEALAND of father...
Dates: 2012

Abstract of Maiatua TOU, 2020

 Item — Box: 7
Identifier: H00620002
Overview Maiatua TouInterviewer: Lisa TouAbstracter: W. Brent CoatsInterview: 28 May 2011TRACK 100:00 Interview introduction00:46 MAIATUA TOU – Born 1 March 1939 MITIARO COOK ISLANDS – Self is retired01:18 Mother – ETE TERA – Maiden name TE TUPU ARIKI – Born RAROTONGA01:54 Siblings – Brothers WILLIE – TAMAIEWA [sp?] – TARA – Self – TE PA [sp?]; Sisters – TONY – AKIRONG [sp?] – NO TU [sp?] – NA POU [sp?] – [?]...
Dates: 2020