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KENNEDY Irene Margaret interviewed by Joy Lietze

 Record Group — Container: Box 22
Identifier: H0031
Overview This interview covers Irene's early life in Browns and her time in the Women's War Service Auxiliary working in a flax mill in Tapanui. After the war she remained in Tapanui and worked first in the hospital and then in the Post Office where she worked as the local postie for 18 years. Irene was very keen on fishing, she fished actively for over 50 years and enjoyed meeting interesting people along the riverbank. Irene was Area Representative for Student Travel Schools.
Dates: 2010

Abstract of Irene Margaret KENNEDY , 2019

 Item — Container: Box 22
Identifier: H00310002
Abstract IRENE MARGARET KENNEDYInterviewer: Joy LietzeFIRST INTERVIEW: 4 JUNE 2010Abstracter: Courtney EllisonDISC 1: TRACK 100:00 Had two brothers in the AIRFORCE and wanted to join them but they wouldn’t let her. Mother had a cousin in INVERCARGILL who was going to TAPANUI as submatron of the girls hostel, so went to Tapanui. Housed workers at FLAX MILL. Went to Church every Sunday. Headmaster at the school was military man who would make...
Dates: 2019

Abstract of John Edgar TAYLOR, 2021

 Item — Container: Box 22
Identifier: H00460002
Overview JOHN EDGAR TAYLORInterviewer: Jenny CampbellAbstracter: Linda CooperFirst Interview: 11 January 2011TRACK 100:00 Interview identification00:41 JOHN EDGAR TAYLOR, born 13 August 193800:55 Interview agreement01:43 [FAMILY BACKGROUND] Born to EDGAR TAYLOR and JOAN [most likely JANE; Joan is his wife’s name] LUKE in OTATARA, VYNERS ROAD (ph) [VYNER ROAD] -- parents married in 1936 [1935]...
Dates: 2021

Abstract of Gregory Francis WARDEN, 2021

 Item — Container: Box 22
Identifier: H01950002
Abstract GREGORY (GREG) FRANCIS WARDENInterviewer: Rebecca AmundsenAbstractor: Robyn PowleyInterview: 5 June 2014TRACK 100:25 Interview introduction – identification – GREGORY FRANCIS WARDEN – born 27/5/1949 – Recording agreement01:17 Born in NORTH LONDON – BOROUGH of HORNSEY – first eight years – shared a house with extended family until about 14 – moved to WALTHAMSTOW – EAST LONDON – GRANDPARENTS lived with GREG’S family - lived...
Dates: 2021